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Recipe Class Reference

#include <recipe.h>

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Detailed Description

A brew recipe. Contains all elements necessary for a brewing recipe, including ingredients and style.

Definition at line 48 of file recipe.h.

Public Member Functions

GrainIterator addGrain (const Grain &g)
HopIterator addHop (const Hops &h)
MiscIngredientIterator addMisc (const MiscIngredient &m)
void applyGrain (GrainIterator it, const Grain &g)
void applyHop (HopIterator it, const Hops &h)
void applyMisc (MiscIngredientIterator it, const MiscIngredient &m)
QString & batchNotes ()
QString & brewer ()
GrainList * grains ()
HopsList * hops ()
bool mashed ()
MiscIngredientList * miscs ()
bool modified ()
Recipe operator= (const Recipe &r)
 Recipe (const Recipe &r)
 Recipe (const QString &title, const QString &brewer, bool mash, const Volume &size, const Style &style, const GrainList &grains, const HopsList &hops, const MiscIngredientList &miscs, const QString &recipenotes, const QString &batchnotes)
QString & recipeNotes ()
void removeGrain (GrainIterator it)
void removeHop (HopIterator it)
void removeMisc (MiscIngredientIterator it)
void setBatchNotes (const QString &n)
void setBrewer (const QString &b)
void setGrains (const GrainList &gl)
void setHops (const HopsList &hl)
void setMashed (bool m)
void setMiscs (const MiscIngredientList &ml)
void setModified (bool m)
void setRecipeNotes (const QString &n)
void setSize (const Volume &s)
void setStyle (const Style &s)
void setTitle (const QString &t)
Volume & size ()
Style & style ()
QString & title ()

Private Attributes

QString batchnotes_
QString brewer_
GrainList grains_
HopsList hops_
double ibu_
bool mash_
MiscIngredientList miscs_
bool modified_
double og_
QString recipenotes_
Volume size_
double srm_
Style style_
QString title_


class Calc

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