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Model Class Reference

#include <model.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A homebrewing domain model class. This is a singleton class, since there is only one brewing domain model. Currently the model can only access one recipe at a time. Multiple recipes is a future trajectory.

Definition at line 51 of file model.h.


void recipeChanged ()
void recipeModified ()

Public Member Functions

void checkGrain (const Grain &g)
void checkHops (const Hops &h)
void checkMisc (const MiscIngredient &m)
const UnitdefaultGrainUnit ()
const QString & defaultHopform ()
const UnitdefaultHopsUnit ()
bool defaultMash ()
const UnitdefaultMiscUnit ()
const Volume & defaultSize ()
const Style & defaultStyle ()
QStringList formsList ()
Grain * grain (const QString &name)
QStringList grainsList ()
Hops * hop (const QString &name)
QStringList hopsList ()
bool loadRecipe (const QString &filename)
MiscIngredient * misc (const QString &name)
QStringList miscList ()
bool modified ()
void newRecipe ()
void recalc ()
Reciperecipe ()
QString recipeText ()
bool saveRecipe (const QString &filename)
void setDataDir (const QString &datadir)
void setDefaultGrainUnit (Unit &u)
void setDefaultHopform (const QString &form)
void setDefaultHopsUnit (Unit &u)
void setDefaultMash (bool mash)
void setDefaultMiscUnit (Unit &u)
void setDefaultSize (const Volume &v)
void setDefaultStyle (const Style &s)
void setModified (bool mod)
Style & style (const QString &name)
QStringList stylesList ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Modelinstance ()

Private Member Functions

QString dataBase ()
bool loadData (const QString &filename, bool quiet=false)
void saveData (const QString &filename)

Private Attributes

QString datadir_
QString defaulthopform_
bool defaultmash_
Volume defaultsize_
Style defaultstyle_
GrainList graindb_
HopsList hopdb_
MiscIngredientList miscdb_
StyleList styledb_

Static Private Attributes

static Modelinstance_ = 0

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