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Controller Class Reference

#include <controller.h>

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Detailed Description

The Controller class for QBrew. The controller is the "command" interface to the application, and contains the frame window and main menu. This is a singleton class.

Definition at line 61 of file controller.h.

Public Slots

void documentModified ()
void fileNew ()
void fileOpen ()
void filePrint ()
void fileRecent (int item)
void fileSave ()
void fileSaveAs ()
void helpAbout ()
void helpContents ()
void helpPrimer ()
void optionsConfigure ()
void optionsSaveConfigure ()
void optionsStatusbar ()
void optionsToolbar ()
void toolsAlcohol ()
void toolsHydrometer ()

Public Member Functions

QString dataBase ()
QString docBase ()
QString getRecipeText ()
void initialize (const QString &filename="")

Static Public Member Functions

static const QImage & findImage (const QString &name)
static Controllerinstance ()

Private Slots

void applyCalcState (const CalcConfigState &state)
void applyGeneralState (const GenConfigState &state)
void applyRecipeState (const RecipeConfigState &state)
void autoSave ()
void recentMenuShow ()

Private Member Functions

void addRecent (const QString &filename)
bool backupFile ()
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
void convertPreferences ()
void initActions ()
void initAutoSave ()
void initMenuBar ()
void initStatusBar ()
void initToolBar ()
bool openFile (const QString &filename)
int queryOverwrite (const QString filename)
int querySave ()
void readConfig ()
void restoreState ()
void saveState ()
void writeConfig ()

Private Attributes

QGuardedPtr< AlcoholTool > alcoholtool_
QTimer * autosave_
bool backed_
QGuardedPtr< Configure > configure_
QPopupMenu * filemenu_
QString filename_
QAction * filenew_
QAction * fileopen_
QAction * fileprint_
QAction * filequit_
QAction * filesave_
QAction * filesaveas_
QAction * helpabout_
QAction * helpcontents_
QAction * helpcontext_
QPopupMenu * helpmenu_
QAction * helpprimer_
QGuardedPtr< HelpWindow > helpwin_
QGuardedPtr< HydrometerTool > hydrometertool_
bool newflag_
QPopupMenu * optionsmenu_
QAction * optionssavesetup_
QAction * optionssetup_
QAction * optionsstatusbar_
QAction * optionstoolbar_
QGuardedPtr< HelpWindow > primerwin_
QStringList recent_
QPopupMenu * recentmenu_
ConfigState state_
QAction * toolalcohol_
QToolBar * toolbar_
QAction * toolhydrometer_
QPopupMenu * toolsmenu_
View * view_

Static Private Attributes

static Controllerinstance_ = 0


class nofriendsatall

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